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All set for Kilmarnock on 18th November?

With just over a week to go until our first event of the 2023/24 season on 18th November, a couple of notes and reminders, and a meeting note from our kickoff call last week.

League reminders

Kilmarnock plays host to the first event of the 2023/24 West District League on Saturday 18th November, with races starting from 11.30am (U11 Girls), through to the last race – the combined U20/Senior/Masters race at 1.30pm.

The full schedule, course map and travel details is on the Kilmarnock events page:

Notes from kickoff meeting

Thanks to everybody who attended the West District League 2023/24 season kickoff Zoom call last week.

Just by way of a meeting note, we covered:

  • Planned events
    • Event #1 – 18/Nov/23 – Kilmarnock, all ready to go
    • Event #2 – 20/Jan/24 – Bellahouston, permit now in place; details to follow
    • Event #3 – 10/Feb/24 – Erskine, provisional pending permits (Inter-districts preceed it)
  • Start time
    • We agreed the 11.30am start time proposal for all events this season
  • Finances Update
    • Opencollective worked well, and the league has covered all host club costs and has a surplus that should enable expenses to be paid promptly this year.
    • Surplus funds will be carried forward, with a view to reducing final participation fee
    • Attendees agreed that in event of dissolution/closure of the West District League, any remaining funds would be dispersed to Athletics Trust Scotland
  • Volunteers and officials
    • General appeal for offers of help with the organising of the league, staging of events
      • Next season would appreciate assistance with league logistics (ensuring events take place, permits etc)
    • Officials – particularly starters – particularly important; Would appreciate offer for Bellahouston (Kilmarnock covered)
    • League admin/organisation – offers of help sought with managing the league. Thanks to Alasdair for help with finances.
  • Q&A
    • Team/Club numbers are the same as last year, and will remain the same whilst same system in place
    • Elaine showed trophies for presentation at first event
    • Discussion re. use of league for district competitions
      • Will review calculation of results for county positions
      • On-the-day presentation desire preferred by counties, so counties may need to collate results themselves

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  1. Thanks for the update Richard. Looks like we are good to go😀👍Larkhall will have approximately 14 runners taking part spread over the age groups🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
    Please note the change of email address for all future correspondence.

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