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What do I need to know?

A line of runners on a cross-country course

A new format cross-country event in the West of Scotland means there will be lots questions.

We’ve attempted to answer as many of these as we can with a set of introductory guides. We’ll update them as we go.

The first year is sure to present some challenges as the format ‘settles’, so we’d like to thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Race partipant?

We’ve created the Race Participant’s guide to outline what the event looks like. What you need to bring (short version: yourself; your club vest; your club’s number).

Team manager?

The Team Manager’s guide is for the club volunteer team managers/captains – in charge of managing the presence of the the club on the day.

We’ve created a guide that covers key information to share with participants, and what details need to be submitted to enable results to be processed.

Key things about the allocation of Club/Team numbers, and Ordering team numbers (which clubs are responsible for arranging).

Age categories are those used by Scottish Athletics for cross-country events, with an additional U11 competition. Note that Master’s age category starts at 40 in Scotland, details/background here.

League results and points system

The league has a team focus, so way results work out are slightly different. The way results/points are calculated are detailed on the Results and points system pages.

Club committee/trustee?

If you’re a member of a clubs organising committee, we’ve a page that outlines a few of the relevant pieces of information around how the league is governed and how costs are proposed to work. See Club Information

Race director guidelines

Organising a league meeting is intended to be easier and simpler than a full championship event. We’ll publish this guide later in the season after we’ve bullet-proofed our guidance.