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Payment of dues

The operation of the league incurs costs, which are initially paid by host clubs and individuals.

These costs need to be recovered for the long-term sustainability of the league. In May 2023 the organising group and clubs agreed agreed to calculate costs based on a per-participation fee. This is £3 per participation. Details can be found on the news page. This was agreed again in the 2023/24 wrapup meeting.

Club payment details

The league agreed to use Opencollective to manage financial transactions.

This makes the leagues finances fully public. Clubs (and individuals if they wish) can pay their dues, or make a donation, using bank transfer or card payments.

At a later date, host clubs and individuals will submit expenses, which will be reimbursed by the system.

Next steps are for a representative of participant clubs, with permission to make the payment, to visit the following page:


  • Click ‘Payment’, and then choose ‘Other‘ and enter at least the amount due by club in the table below.
    • Note that a drop-down offers a chance to make a voluntary contribution for the operation of the opencollective platform we are using. This is a matter for clubs/contributors: it is separate to club dues. Select ‘No thank you’ to skip this element.
  • On the next page please, we’d suggest contributing as an organisation
    • Follow ‘Sign in’ prompts to create a (personal) account for yourself with opencollective
    • Once an account has been created, the payment options then allow a ‘Contribute as’ drop down, where a ‘Create Organization’ option is available (see below)
  • Choose payment types
    • Payment by bank transfer (direct from club account) can occur, please take note to use the exact reference number provided, so that the system will then reconcile your contribution to the league.
    • Payment by card is possible. A receipt is provided at checkout for your club-specific expenses processes.
Contributing as an organisation requires an opencollective account

Individual contributions/donations

The system allows for individuals to make a one-time or repeating financial contributions towards the league.

Funds raised as such will help grow and support the league, help reduce the risk of a shortfall from club contributions.

Please visit the following page and select either ‘Supporting contribution’ or ‘Donation’

2023-24 club dues

  • Full breakdown of 2023-24 costs can be found here
    • Host clubs are reimbursed for their costs (minus their participation fee), plus £200 for hosting
    • Participating clubs are charged a participation fee at agreed rate (£3)
    • Clubs dues from previous years are carried over

Club numberClub name(Amount Due by club)Notes
1East Kilbride AC£ (288.00)
2Kilmarnock H&ACHost clubReimbursement due
3Bellahouston RRHost clubReimbursement due
4Inverclyde AC£ (162.00)
5Westerlands CCC£ (27.00)
6Cambuslang Harriers£ (192.00)
7Giffnock North AC£ (315.00)
8Bellahouston Harriers£ (156.00)
9Garscube Harriers£ (51.00)
10Shettleston Harriers£ (213.00)
11Airdrie Harriers£ (219.00)
14Ayr Seaforth AC£ (129.00)
17Calderglen Harriers£ (108.00)
20Cumbernauld AAC£ (3.00)
27Glasgow FrontRunners£ (30.00)
30Greenock Glenpark Harriers£ (99.00)
32Helensburgh AAC£ (108.00)
33Irvine RC£ (12.00)
34Kilbarchan AACHost clubReimbursement due
36Larkhall YMCA£ (72.00)
37Law & District AAC£ (282.00)
40Motherwell AC£ (69.00)
42Newton Road Runners£ (18.00)
44North Ayrshire AAC£ (123.00)
48Springburn Harriers£ (84.00)
51Strathclyde Police AC£ (3.00)
53Troon Tortoises£ (21.00)
54VP-Glasgow£ (255.00)
56West End RR£ (27.00)
57Whitemoss AAC£ (69.00)