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We aim to publish results the day after the event, although this will depend on how quickly we receive post-race team submissions.

Timelapse videos

Weather permitting, we’ll try and record timelapse videos to aid with results submission. See the submissions page for links:

Results submission

Please see the dedicated page for club capatains/team managers


When they’re ready, we will post a news item on our News page. as well as our social Media, and via the mailing list.

Details will also appear on


If there are questions or queries about the results, please contact in the first instance.

In this first year of the series, we’d ask for patience and understanding as we settle the system and iron out any kinks.

Team submission download/uploads

As covered in the Team Manager’s guide, club captains/Team managers will need to submit the finishing order of their individual participants, for each race.

Details and links to download will be made available on the Results Submission page in advance of the event.