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Team Manager’s guide


The league format is different from the ‘usual’ cross-country events we’ve seen in recent years. It’s intended to be much simpler, but there are some different aspects to a race we explain below.

Key differences

Firstly, and most importantly there are no declarations! Participants can turn up (or not) on the day and race, so long as they are wearing your club vest and allocated team number.

It is also a team event (with prizes in each age category for each club), and to that end please be aware that officials are only recording finish times and team number.

In order to give athletes individual results, the league requires team manager(s) to submit their team returns which specify their members finish order. The league can then apply all the returns to the times, and issue individual times.

The team submission template can be downloaded from on the results submission page.

What happens

Here are the key things to be aware of and plan for

In advance

We’d encourage you to join our mailing list, or follow us on social media to hear any last minute news/changes/announcements.

ℹOrder sufficient printed team numbers for your club. Details on our webpage Ordering team numbers. Encourage club members to keep them for reuse!

Ensure your club members know the following:

  • The venue of the event, and appropriate travel/parking guidance
    • This will be communicated on the league website, and to west district club contacts.
  • The format of the event
    • That it is a team event
    • Participants must wear club colours and your club/team number (with gender character)
  • Enough copies of your team allocated number available for participants.
    • Order in advance. Details on a recommended printer will be provided in early November.
  • The time of the races
  • Details for gazebo/tent pitching
  • Share the participant’s guide with them so they know what to expect

On the day


  • Team results will be published as quickly as possible after the event
  • Individual results are best-efforts
  • In the first year of operation of the league, please ask your participants to recognise there is a likelihood of unexpected problems or challenges arising as the league format is introduced.