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Ordering team numbers

Each club needs to ensure it has sufficient numbers of their allocated team number for their competing members.

We’ve been in touch with two providers who are aware of the league and can print numbers:

  • First4Numbers
  • Opentracking

ℹSee the page Club/Team numbers for club allocated numbers


The website first4numbers can be used to order customisable numbers. We’ve found them helpful, and quick to respond. They can also be contacted by phone (Details on their website)

ℹFirst4Numbers have been in touch to advise if you’ve any queries or have difficulty navigating the website, please phone on 01656 670 543 and they’ll put the order.

However, note it is important to add a note to the order to ensure they are printed correctly (ie. same number on every number)

  • Visit their website and choose Customisable Economy numbers.
  • Material
    • Suggest selecting Firstex or Tyvek
  • Colours
    • Select Black, or add additional colours if your budget allows
  • Extra colour options
    • None required, leave unselected
  • Click continue
  • Leave start number as 1
  • Enter your club’s allocated number as the ‘End number’
    • ℹNote there are 100 numbers in a set, so enter appropriate number of sets.
  • Extra options, add a Suffix
    • Enter M
  • Click continue to review quote
  • Click continue to customisation
    • Optionally add ‘West District XC League’ in the bottom-centre, or your own club name
  • Click ‘add to cart
  • Click ‘Checkout
  • ⚠Important ⚠Add Order Comments to request specific quantities of each suffix, eg.
    • For club 3, add a comment of: Print 55 x 3M and 45 x 3F
    • Optionally, add a note about delivery to highlight required delivery
  • Complete the other sections for delivery details and payment
  • Base price (without delivery) for 100 numbers is about £26, but does rise with variations (faster delivery, colours, bigger numbers etc)

If you receive an error/warning “Sorry, we have had a problem. please try again later (10)” the Start/End number range are incorrect. Set start number to 1 and end number to your allocated allocated club/team number. Add a note in the comments for the gender suffix breakout.

Preview of numbers (in this case for Bellahouston RR Males) .


Opentracking are aware of the League and club details, so clubs can contact them directly with order numbers and gender splits.

Details to follow shortly.