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Race Participant’s guide

So you’ve heard about the league. You’ve dug out your cross-countries shoes. You’re eagerly awaiting the start of the season.

So what is the league? What is different about it? How does it work? What does ‘race’ day look like?


The first thing to know is that goal of the West District league is to reward and encourage team participation and performance, and to do so with minimal organisational overhead.


You need to be a first-claim member of a West Scotland affiliated club, and a Scottish Athletics member – you can choose to turn up on the day, pin the team number your team manager gives you, and run your race.

Your club should be your first point of contact for logistics on the day, ie. who will be making numbers available to members. Most large clubs will have a gazebo or tent, but smaller clubs may have a nominated member.

Please check the race start times too. They are displayed on the event specific pages, but bear in mind these are guidelines only.

We hope this greater flexibility will help increase participation, by fitting in more conveniently with busy lives. We hope too it’ll mean more opportunities to race cross-country, particularly in the build-up to the National, particularly for many of our younger athletes.

Help build awareness

We’ve worked hard to share details with West District clubs, but not every club will necessarily want to take part, or may have missed communications.

Please consider reaching out to your club committee and share our dedicated club information page.

Check with team managers/captains who will be providing your race number. We’ve details on our Ordering team numbers page.

Format of the day

There are no on-the-day declarations, and no money changes hands (the league works out the finances between participating/host clubs, after the last race)

You wear the same number (with appropriate gender suffix) as your team mates. Club/Team managers should provide you with a durable/reusable race number. Encourage them to order well in advance using one of the companies we’ve contacted.

Find out the start time of your race, and be warmed up and ready to run, in your club vest, with your club number pinned to your chest, with the appropriate gender suffix.

Run your race, cross the line, catch up with your team mates. Check in with your team manager to advise your finish time.

Help with clean up/tidy up and tent logistics, then head off. Check out the website for the results!

The points system is calculated after the event, and the points accumulate over the course of the season’s league races, with team awards made at the last date in the calendar.

Who can take part?

Any first-claim member of a West District of Scotland club that is affiliated to Scottish Athletics can take part.. Participants must also be current members of Scottish Athletics.

What is different?

As it is principally a team event, finish line officials will be recording just finish times and team number. They won’t be recording your name. The responsibility rests with the your team manager, who will do this by submitting the finish sequence of their club members, after the event.

All our races are equal distance per age category, and events may sometimes be combined.

You can choose to turn up on the day, so long as you’re wearing your club vest and team number. In that respect it’s perhaps bringing the flexibility of parkrun to cross-country.

Big turnouts are important, as teams need to field a full team in each league race.

2022/23 is our inaugural year

The West District League is a new event/format for the West of Scotland. We’d ask for patience and understanding as we establish the event, and as we deal with organisational challenges. 

We will inevitably get things wrong, and there will be lots of questions.

As with so many grassroots athletics events, the West District League is a volunteer driven effort. Events can only take place when there are sufficient volunteers. So please consider getting involved in some capacity, or encouraging others to do so. This could be volunteering on the day, to helping with course setup/teardown, home baking, results processing, technical support, or helping with governance.

What age groups?

We will operate separate competitions by age group and gender, and with exception of Under 11 and Under 13, races are planned to be combined (all genders run together). The age categories are:

  • Under 11
  • Under 13
  • Under 15
  • Under 17
  • Under 20
  • Senior
  • Masters


Genders within each age group are:

  • Male (‘M‘ suffix) and non-binary (‘A‘ suffix)
  • Female (‘F‘ suffix)

Why Scottish Athletics members only?

Our races are organised by Scottish Athletics affiliated clubs, and almost all other Cross Country events follow this model.

Individual membership of Scottish Athletics ensures these events qualify for a simpler race permit process (ie. no fees are required).

We also hope that wider membership of Scottish Athletics also serves to bolster the voice of grass roots athletics, and help to grow our sport.

Why First-claim members only?

UKA Rules for are specific on this. Further we’re operating in this first year in the same manner as other Scottish XC District Leagues.

We’re aware there is some interest in open/guest/unattached participation, but it isn’t practical just now. We’re keeping it under review and discuss it at the season wrap up meetings.

Thank you for your understanding.

What distances are the races?

Exact distances will vary based on age grade, venue, and on-the-day circumstances.

Roughly West District League events are intended to be up to West District Champs events distances, which themselves are less than National events.

  • U11: Approx 1200m
  • U13: About 2400m
  • U15: About 3800m
  • U17: About 5000m
  • Seniors: About 7500m

Where do I get my number/register?

Your club’s team manager will provide you with your race number. There’s no registration, as such. You just need to be a Scottish Athletics member and have your first-claim club as the club you are racing for.

If unsure, please contact your club team manager/captains.