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Results Submission

This page is for club captains/team managers to upload completed position files after an event. We usually also have links to time-lapse finish line videos which may help.

Follow these steps

  1. Download a spreadsheet template from this page
    1. Either an Excel Spreadsheet (easiest)
    2. Or, duplicate the linked Google Sheet
  2. Add runners, in finish order, in the column for each race.
    1. Please add their gender/age category as appropriate.
  3. Upload the file using the form at the bottom of the page (please don’t email them).
  4. Await result publication on Sunday
  5. Queries via email to

A bit more information can be found on the Team Manager’s guide, and the Results and points system pages.


  • Results processing won’t start until Sunday.
    • Finalised results may take longer. Your patience is appreciated.
  • Queries via email to please.
  • Please submit your spreadsheets via the form below, please don’t email them.
  • Note that the masters age category starts at 40 in Scotland. More details here, and here.

Template download


  • Download a template
  • Rename it (eg. BellahoustonRoadRunnersStrathaven.xls)
  • Submit the completed file using the adjacent upload.
  • Complete the ‘Submission’ worksheet
  • There’s an ‘Example’ worksheet with some examples.

Google Sheets

  • For users with a Google Account:
    • Access a read-only Google Sheet
    • Click ‘File’, and ‘Make a copy’
    • Complete the form
    • Download as Excel (‘File’, ‘Download’, ‘Excel’)
    • Rename the file to include club name!
    • Upload

Results Submission

After completing the form, please ensure your file is renamed to include club name, and then upload here.

Please add the club name, and a contact/query email address.

We’ll use the most recent version uploaded.

Excel preferred, but can take Numbers (mac) or .ods.

Upload results

Timelapse videos

These can now be found on the dedicated page: Finish line timelapse videos