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Club Information


This page outlines key information for participating clubs, and details for how costs are calculated at the end of the season.

We’d ask participants and team managers to ensure their club committee/board is aware of this.


The league is hoped to be a popular, and easy event to both organise and participate in.

We hope that it’ll grow interest in cross country running, boost club membership, and encourage engagement in volunteering, officiating and organisation.

We have an open invitation to clubs to participate in the league in this first year, however we want to be open about the cost structure.

Club requirements to participate

We are taking a flexible approach to club participation in the first year. Any West District affiliated club is welcome to take part, but there are a couple of requirements.

  • Clubs should ensure they have ordered appropriate race numbers with their allocated club/Team number on.
    • Participants in the league run with their club number/gender on
    • Durable and reusable numbers are recommended so participants can reuse their number in future events/years
  • Members should share details about how costs are anticipated to work with their committee/board/team managers (ie. this page)


In this first year host clubs bore organisation costs.

Clubs that participate in the league agreed at an end-of-season meeting how costs were worked out, then settled back to host clubs. Details can be found on the news page.

The costs are intended to be fair and proportionate to the clubs participation size.

The proposal is based on that of the East League, and calculates:

  • The total costs of Hosting Events and managing League: T
    • Event costs (eg. toilets, first aid, facilities hire, and event costs)
    • League costs (eg. hosting costs, affiliation fees)
  • The total number of individual runs/finishers: N
    • A single finisher in a single event race: 1.
    • A participant finishing all three events is: 3
  • We will then initially calculate the cost per finisher T/N to give: F
  • Each clubs participation per event, and in total will be tallied up, to give a Club finisher total: Nc
    • The clubs base charge is therefore F x Nc to give a Club cost: Cc
  • If agreed a Club Fee (cost-to-participate) is added: F
    • The East League charges £10 per club, per year
  • A charge to an individual club of Cc + F will then be made
    • This may be by the League (if a bank account is setup), or a single club agreeing to act as intermediary, or proportionately by host club.
  • In the round, costs-of-organising seeks to be divided across participating clubs proportionately on their attendance.

As a guide, the East League in 2018/19 charged £2.50 per finisher, and a club fee of £10, so total costs for clubs varied from less than £30 for a small club with a handful of finishers, to £530 for a huge club with lots of finishers.

We hope you agree that represents fantastic value for money for a series of events, and an equitable way of sharing the costs with participating clubs.

Participating clubs can find details of amounts due, and means of payment, on the payments page.

Host clubs

Host clubs have agreed to take on the risk in organising the initial League events, without a guaranteed return on their hosting costs. Each club is a SCIO charity, so the risk in starting the league at a loss is part of the charitable aims and objectives of athletics clubs.

We’re confident and hopeful that participating clubs recognise the league will serve to bolster and grow athletics in the district, and their communities, and will be comfortable paying proportionate and agreed fees at the end of the year.

Joining mid-season/missing races

tldr: It’s fine to miss a race or join later in the season.

One of the main goals with the league is to create a welcoming XC format that helps grow participation and interest. The participation comes first, the results subsequently. So rock up when you can.

We are of course operating a league competition, and given points built up by participation finishing position (ie. faster teams get a lower score), something needs to cover the situation of a club missing an event (and therefore not scoring points). It also needs to cover the scenario of a club missing a smaller event, and having fewer points than a club which participated in all three.

There are therefore the (poorly named) penalty points. See Results and points system for more detail.

In short, we’d encourage clubs that find out, or can’t make, earlier races, to take part.