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This website is run by members of the West Scotland Cross Country League working group.

We have been working to start a cross-country league in the West of Scotland since 2018/19. This would mirror what already takes place, to great success, in the East and North of the country.

The initial working group (Richard Leyton; Ian Gebbie; Iain Morrison) put a proposal to the West District RR&CC Commission in March 2020, which voted to support the principle. The Covid-19 pandemic then happened, and put a dent in plans: as everybody struggled to adapt. Plans were put on hold.

In 2022, an expanded working group agreed to work towards an Autumn 2022 launch, mirroring the East League in format and, as far as possible, dates.

The working group has now grown to help establish the events. We would welcome individuals interested in getting involved/helping to get in touch.

Working group members



We are hugely grateful for the amazing support, patient answering of emailed questions from Alex Jackson of the East League.

We are grateful for the photographs supplied by Gordon Goldie and Des Dickson.


For technical enquiries or suggestions about the website, please contact Richard Leyton (twitter @rleyton).