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Results and points system

Note: The league working group and race directors reserve the right to make pragmatic, consensus based amendments to these rules in the course of the first year.

They are primarily based on the system that has been used for many years by the East District League

  • The league is a team event, rewarding team performance, per age and gender category
    • There are therefore no individual awards
    • Individual results are published once submissions have been received from each participating club.
  • Points are the finish positions of each finisher for each club, up to the maximum number of counters for the age category:
    • U11/U13:  3
    • U15/U17/U20: 3
    • Senior: 4
    • Masters: 3
  • Each race has a gender category considered separately.
    • Female and Male competitions in all age categories
    • Non-binary runners are counted towards the male points.
  • A club with fewer than the minimum number of finishers/counters incur penalty points 
    • This ensures that smaller club/teams do not unfairly benefit, but allows for members to always take part.
    • Penalty points are the total number of finishers in the race, plus 10:
    • Eg. a senior team with 5 participants, in a race with 163 total participants, would receive 174 penalty points
  • A club must participate in every organised league event in order to be eligible for the team competition.
  • Points accrue across all the events organised by the West District League in a season (eg. 2022-23)
  • The team with the lowest aggregate points places 1st, the next lowest, 2nd etc.

On the day

For each staged race, officials will be capturing

  • Times
  • Participant team number + Gender

No results announcements or ceremony’s will take place on the day.

Team submission

Team managers should submit, for each race a list – in finish order of:

  • Participant Name
  • Gender
  • Age category

Published results

Results will be published as soon as possible after the event. Per race and gender, we will aim to publish:

  • Team results within 24 hours of the event.
  • Individual results within 48 hours of the event
    • Updated as submissions are received from team mangers


The following competitions will be recognised:

  • U11
  • U13
  • U15
  • U17
  • U20
  • Senior
  • Masters
  • Overall (combined performance across all age groups)

Each with gender categories of Male and Female. Non-binary participants will count towards the Male category.

Questions and answers

Is there a minimum number of runners?

We’ve had a few questions about minimum number of runners, and whether clubs/runners can take part if they don’t meet the number of counters, particularly in some age groups.

The short and direct answer is runners from a club should always feel welcome to take part. The points system allows for smaller participation by allocating (poorly named!) “penalty points”. This fills out the points allocated on the day and to ensure small teams (even of 1!) aren’t unfairly rewarded.