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2023/24 meeting summary, club fees, 2024 notes


This post contains a note of outcomes from the meeting from 11th March, an outline of dates discussed, and details on how clubs can submit remittance for their participation at last seasons events.

Next steps

  • Meeting notes (see below)
  • Club dues are detailed on Payment of dues
    • Please ensure club treasurer/committee is notified
  • Dates and host clubs will be confirmed later in the year

Apologies for delay

Sincere apologies for the delay in updates and these notes following up on league finances and queries. A combination of personal and work circumstances and commitments meant I’ve been very delayed in getting to wrapping up the 2023/24 year. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. ^RL

Meeting notes

Some notes from the meeting

Relevant dates for 2024/25

These are likely league dates. These will be confirmed closer to the time, once other fixture dates, and venues, are confirmed.

  • #1 16th November 2024 (if West District’s not moved from 30th November, should be at least 2 week gap)
  • #2 25th January 2025
  • #3 8th February 2025


  • Giffnock North have expressed an interest in hosting an event
  • Erskine course at Kilbarchan was well received
  • EKAC are keen to host league event #3 in 2024/25
  • Kilmarnock and BRR available as backups
  • Other clubs understood to be amenable. Offers welcome.

Team sizes

A discussion on team sizes was head, and agreement was to equalise.


  • Accepted finances as outlined in meeting agenda from 11th March
    • Discussion on fees, whether reduce to cover costs, keep same (£3) to raise funds/working balance
    • Attendees agreed to keep fee at £3 per year
    • Agreed a £200 payment to host clubs for 2023-24, first year (2022-23) if funds allow
  • Richard explained cannot be as involved in future, happy to help with technical elements
    • Sharon (West District RR&CC convenor) to lead/organise alongside West District events)
    • All agreed championships priority
  • First aid
    • Discussion about seeking coverage for all three dates to reduce costs/simplify matters
  • Miscellaneous
    • Discussion re. age suffix on numbers: Agreed to keep same system/numbers as before
    • 2nd claim clubs/unattached runners – not supported: goal is to encourage West District club and club membership. Unattached runners should join a local affiliated club to take part.

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