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23/24 season wrap-up meeting: 11 March; League finances

Date for diary: 11th March

A meeting’s planned for the early evening on Monday, 11th March at 7pm to review the league season, agree costs, and start planning for 2023-24. It will be held online via Zoom.

This year it is to be held alongside the West District RR&CC commission meeting scheduled for this date, as a separately convened discussion. Please ask/ensure your club sends a representative as the Commission meeting is an important forum.

Online meeting details have been shared with club representatives, so please check with your club secretary (or general contact point for commission matters).

Outline agenda

  • Review of events in 2023-24 season
    • Kilmarnock; Bellahouston, Erskine
  • Issues arising
  • Proposed fees/dues (see below)
  • Organisation for 2023/24 (see below)
  • Any other business

2023-24 League Costs summary

A provisional cost analysis spreadsheet is available here. By way of summary:

  • The league has £717.82p cash in hand at opencollective
    • It is proposed to target a small surplus, so much of this will be used to support reduction of fees
  • The 2023-24 league cost £2218.22p to organise
    • This is primarily club hosting costs, but also includes some costs for website, licenses and other expenses.
  • There were 1208 participations

Options for consideration

  • Should host clubs to receive some additional credit, eg. £200, for hosting league event
  • Proposed per-participant charge of £1.50 (£3 in 2022/23)
    • Propose league should maintain a minimal working balance, disperse moneys to clubs
    • Last year payments led to surplus, should use funds
    • Anticipate, at £1.50p, surplus of £500
    • If higher, what to do with working balance? Pay clubs immediately, rather than in arrears?
  • Small number of arrears for small attendance clubs
    • propose to ‘absorb’ them (up to £25)
    • carry forward otherwise

Organisation for 2024/25

Looking ahead to the 2024/25 season, we’re looking for three host clubs to stage events on a similar basis to the previous two seasons.


Precise dates to be agreed at meeting, but broadly:

  • Event #1 – Mid/Late-November, 2024 (16th or 23rd) – Target 2 weeks ahead of West District XC Champs
  • Event #2 – Mid-January, 2025 (18th or 25th)
  • Event #3 – Early February, 2025 (8th?) – Target of >= 2 weeks to National XC

Organisational matters

League organiser

  • Personal commitments mean that Richard is going to be unable to be as involved with event organisation matters in 2024/25.
  • Outline discussion (to be discussed at meeting) was for League events to be agreed at the same meeting (although separate business) as the usual West District RR&CC meetings.
  • Sharon offering to take lead, Richard focusing on technical matters
  • Additional offers of help would be welcomed (at District as well as League level)


  • System
    • U20, Masters runners to display a suffix/prefix to simplify results
    • 11.30am start time – continue?
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