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2023/24 Event #1 – Kilmarnock

Thanks to everybody who helped and took part in the 1st event of the West League 2023/24 season, which took place in Kilmarnock on Saturday, 18th November, 2023

Please note we’re still missing few team submissions. Details can be found here. Please follow upload instructions on the Results Submission page

There’s also now a new single results PDF, available here, presenting the results – and team results – in a single document.

A full breakdown below, and available at – which is updated after receipt and good to bookmark.

Website post summary delay

Apologies for the delay in publishing this summary note due to personal and work commitments. Offers of help with the league are always welcome, whether it’s helping on the day, or writing up website results summaries like this! Drop a line to


These are missing a number of team/age category submissions, so standings not final.

Full list of results for Event #3 here, see the single summary PDF here.

Age categoryMale team resultsFemale team resultsIndividual results (Times)
Under 11BoysGirlsBoys, Girls
Under 13BoysGirlsBoys, Girls
Under 15MaleFemaleCombined
Under 17MaleFemaleCombined
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