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Clubs: Ordering Team Numbers

Clubs need to ensure they are ordering team numbers for their participants, in plenty of time for the first event. Details are now on our website at:

Participants in the league must all wear their allocated team number/gender for their club.

Team managers/captains/secretaries should plan to provide sufficient numbers for their participants.

ℹWe have contacted a couple of providers who can produce these numbers, and have put them on a dedicated page on our website: If you’re aware of other number providers, please contact us, and we’ll update our website.

Please allow plenty of time for the orders to be processed and delivered.


  1. Willie Mowbray Willie Mowbray

    Thanks for the update. I’m purchasing Larkhall’s numbers locally.

    • westadmin westadmin

      Thanks Willie, that’s great. We’d love to include any details/providers/options. Feel free to pop a note by reply, or encourage them to get in touch with us.

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