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Event #1 – Strathaven – Final details

With our first event just taking place on Saturday, we thought it was worth a few last minute reminders and links to pages on this site.

We’ve also got a few sneak preview pics of the course.

  • .Races start at midday. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time
    • Full schedule on the course page
    • We suggest arriving at least an hour before your scheduled race time.
  • Check the Strathaven event page for all the key information
    • This includes satnav postcodes.
    • A key travel request is to not park on Lethame Road. Parking on this narrow, single-track road creates an obstruction, risks complaints, which directly threatens running events in this park.
  • Runners/Participants:
    • Remember this is a team event, so you will wear your Club/Team number with a gender suffix.
    • Team managers should have arranged for printed numbers.
    • Most events (except for U11 & U13) are combined events
    • More info on Race Participant’s guide
    • Please consider volunteering to help with setup/tear down, and leave the venue clean and tidy.
    • Results will appear on the Results page on the day following the event.
  • Team managers should plan to submit the finishing order of their athletes
  • Finally please remember this is the first running of the league format in the West District of Scotland.
    • Whilst we hope for smooth operation, there will inevitably be problems or difficulties
    • Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.
    • Please consider volunteering to help with future events. Marshals, officials, adminstration, social media, comms are all roles we could use help with.


We’re delighted to have received a lovely bit of build-up coverage from Scottish Athletics earlier this week. Do have a read if you’ve not caught it!

Course notes

The weather forecast is looking reasonable for Saturday. Kenny Clements has sent in a few pictures of the course to whet your appetite.


  1. Willie Mowbray Willie Mowbray

    So a bit of Scottish Athletics history is being made today with the inaugural WDL match going ahead at Strathaven. Irrespective of how the match unfolds – and I’m sure we all want it to go well- a huge well done to everyone who has got us to this stage and especially to East Kilbride for hosting the match.

  2. Willie Mowbray Willie Mowbray

    Okay, so having worked out how to submit my club’s results reasonably quickly I then put the wrong surname in for our under 17 woman finisher. The athlete is Chloe Gilfillan, not Chloe Hill and my club is Larkhall YMCA Harriers.
    Do you want me to resubmit the spreadsheet or will someone be able to make the change

    • westadmin westadmin

      Hi Willie, please resubmit it (if you haven’t already): we’ll process the most recent one we receive. Thanks!

  3. Graeme Little Graeme Little

    Well done to East Kilbride for organising and holding yesterday’s match. Great course and great turnout.

  4. Des Des

    A huge thanks to East Kilbride for hosting the first event, a successful start and athletes enjoyed it. If you put it on they will come- non the baton goes to Kilmarnock

  5. Patrick Kelly Patrick Kelly

    I am from Law & District AAC and I and the club feel congratulations are in order for the organisation on the 1st event at Strathaven. The event was well stewarded and officiated. The races all went smoothly. The fact that all the W League events will be in the west of Scotland, will encourage parents and athletes to come to League events. The time spent at the event was not so drawn out as at usual, which again makes the time families time away from home shorter. The whole atmosphere on the day was athlete driven. We thank you all, and hope that the first event will be the start of a new way of delivering events.

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