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Event #1 – Provisional results, pictures

Provisional results for the first event in Strathaven are starting to appear. Apologies for the delay in publishing, a few inevitable complications getting things setup and working, discovering issues and so on.

They’re available at:

They’ll be updated over the course of the next few days as we receive amendments, and we’ll get them looking much nicer on the website over the next week or two.

Currently available are:

  • Individual results for all events
  • U11/U13 team results

Team results for Combined events should appear later today.

Queries to

Pictures from the event

Gordon Goldie was taking pictures from the event, and has uploaded a small selection on our facebook page. We’ll share more later in the week on other channels. In the meantime please visit:

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  1. John J Duffy - Shettleston Harriers John J Duffy - Shettleston Harriers

    Some club members also took a few photos, so those we were racing against will also be in them
    Should they be posted on the FB if they want to or prefer just the “official” ones

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