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Club dues and payment details for 2022/23 season

We’re pleased to now be able to share details for how participating clubs can settle the dues for their participation in the inaugural West District League.

We’d ask that this message is shared with representatives of participating clubs in order that payment can be arranged. Full instructions on the payment page.

Fees are based on total participations by club members across the season, and will then be used to refund the host clubs and individuals who bore costs to establish and operate the league.

Payment details, and the amount due by each club, can be found on the Payments page. The league is using a platform called Opencollective, which allows for payments by card or bank transfer, and for refunds to be managed. The leagues accounts are also fully open for review.

The system also supports voluntary donations from individuals, which would be gratefully received, and will help cover any shortfall, speed club payments, and help develop the league.

For details on how costs arose, and are broken out, please see the meeting notes for the end-of-season review meeting.

For club breakout, payment details please see:

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