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Event #2: Provisional results

Please note we’re still pending result submissions from a number of teams. Consequently these results will change as updates received.

Pending submissions from

Note that until these forms are received, points competitions in the senior/master/U20 combined race may change.

Club captains Team managers can find submission details here: Results Submission

Provisional results

General list of Event #2 results available here.

Note these are team results for event #2. The team standings (combination of Event #1 and #2) are pending (will be published this week). Previous results from Strathaven (Event #1) (pending adjustment in Senior race) available here


These are missing a number of team/age category submissions, so standings not final.

Full list of results for Event #2 here

Age categoryMale team resultsFemale team resultsIndividual results (Times)
Under 11BoysGirlsBoys, Girls
Under 13BoysGirlsBoys, Girls
Under 15MaleFemaleCombined
Under 17MaleFemaleCombined
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