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2022/23 Costs breakout


The 2022-23 West District league was the first year of operation, and host clubs were prepared to bear the up-front costs of hosting events in order to get the league operational.

We’d like to recoup the costs so that these clubs can be reimbursed, in full if possible. To do that we need to calculate the total costs, and then agree on redistribution to the hosts clubs.

This will also help set a template for future years.

Incurred costs

A detailed spreadsheet can be found below (and will be shared/discussed during the meeting), but the high level costs break out as follows:

  • Clubs expended £2257.31 in hosting events
    • The largest cost were mobile toilet provision (57% of costs)
  • Additionally £46.56 by individual (Richard).
    • There are some other costs (£42) up for discussion in the meeting.
  • In total, assuming £2345.87 of costs.


There were a total of 1169 participations at the three events, ie. 1 person taking part at 2 events counts as 2. A breakout by club is available below. It is also available on the league results website here.


There are a few considerations for calculations, to be discussed/agreed.

Broadly speaking, we proposed to divide all the costs by participation to arrive at a ‘cost per participation’, and then calculate club dues accordingly, whilst of course accounting for the costs incurred by host clubs.

Some items for discussion are:

  • Whether a host club should receive a payment in recognition of their contribution.
  • Whether there is a flat fee payable by each club, to take part in the league.
  • What rounding up, if any, should be applied to the cost-per-participant
  • What accounting to take for non-payment, and/or transaction fees for any service used to handle payments.
  • Whether the league should seek to build up a balance over time, or seek to be cost neutral.
  • Payment platform to use. Proposal is to seek to use rather than a bank account, with it’s associated complexities, although this adds a 5% transaction charge.
  • Whether individuals may optionally also be invited to contribute/donate (ie. to ‘top up’ in support of the league, and reduce direct club costs)


For discussion on 24th May, but broadly speaking the cost of the league works out at £2.01p per participation. In order to cover the

To land at an approximately neutral position, proposal is:

  • £2.50 per-participant (this is identical to East District League),
  • Clubs with more than 4 participants paying a £20 membership.
  • No ‘hosting fee’ to be paid to host clubs in the first year.
  • Assuming a 5% transaction charge on payment platform.
  • Use of as payment platform by clubs (and personal contributions if desired)
  • Operate in arrears in 2023/24 too unless clubs, or others, comfortable paying more on some basis (higher participation fee or cost-per-club).

Host clubs would be reimbursed once clubs have paid up, if not entirely (ie. there’s a shortfall) then proportionally to amount received.

Spreadsheet detail

The full costs and draft/provisional club dues can be found on this Google Spreadsheet. It is flexibly setup so it can be adjusted based on decisions on 24th May. Key notes:

  • Figures are provisional until agreed.
  • Reconciliation and controls‘ worksheet shows the reconciled impact of costs, and allows adjustments to be made.
  • Club dues‘ is the main worksheet for resulting charge-per-club (once finalised)
    • Columns C-E are the effective participation cost for the club
    • Column G-H are the hosting costs incurred
    • Column ‘K’ (in blue) nets this out and gives the ‘Provisional amount due by club‘ as the headline figure. Further to the right are some advisory ‘perceived costs’ (ie. what it works out at for each club on their own participation)
    • ‘Expenditure’ breaks out the expenditure by host club/individual

2022/23 Participation by club

Club NumberParticipationsClub
1129East Kilbride AC
279Kilmarnock H&AC
348Bellahouston RR
446Inverclyde AC
518Westerlands CCC
686Cambuslang Harriers
7148Giffnock North AC
823Bellahouston Harriers
938Garscube Harriers
1069Shettleston Harriers
1175Airdrie Harriers
1461Ayr Seaforth AC
152Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club
1725Calderglen Harriers
221Dumfries Harriers
231Dumfries Running Club
3010Greenock Glenpark Harriers
331Irvine RC
3436Kilbarchan AAC
355Kirkintilloch Olympians
3610Larkhall YMCA
3786Law & District AAC
404Motherwell AC
425Newton Road Runners
431Nithsdale AC
4429North Ayrshire AAC
466Royal Mail Run GMC
4843Springburn Harriers
492Stewartry AC
521Strathclyde University Harriers
5311Troon Tortoises
5617West End RR
5718Whitemoss AAC