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Draft constitution


This is presented as a draft for discussion, and as an initial proposal for the inaugural meeting of interested clubs to agree the full terms of reference.

Please note:

The proposal

The clubs forming this association propose:

  • Membership is available to, and invited from, all affiliated clubs in the West District of Scotland
  • That the association establishes and organises a cross-country league, along similar lines to that operated in the East District.
  • That the goal of the cross-country league is to grow participation in cross-country running, to help develop and support member clubs, and to support the growth of membership of affiliated clubs.
  • Recognise the equality of genders, so that all races by age arranged for or by the association are at an equal distance, irrespective of gender.
  • To seek to simplify organisation, by allowing host clubs to drive and operate events, to streamline events where appropriate, and to align meetings with the West District RR&CC commission meetings
  • To enable those clubs who wish to do so, to be able to award historical county awards, within the association, where they may no longer be awarded by any continuing county associations.
  • Agrees to return excess funds accrued in the operation of the league in such a way as to support the development of affiliated athletes, clubs, and associations.

And to facilitate discussions a draft constitution is presented for consideration, as a basis for discussions. An outline meeting agenda is drafted, and will be sent to attending clubs in advance.

An inaugural meeting will be proposed and arranged by clubs who express an interest with a view to reviewing all comments and amendments to the drafts attached, formalising the association and arranging rules and events for the inaugural league in 2020/21.

Draft Constitution

Italicised items for discussion and/or see notes

  1. That the association is known as “The West District League association” (WDLA)
  2. That it shall operate as an Association of Scottish Athletics Ltd. and will organise events under SAL, UKA & IAAF rules
  3. That it invites membership from SAL West District clubs based in the West District (by such definition as Scottish Athletics RR&CC define). 
    1. Clubs applying for membership shall be admitted on a majority vote of the Committee, or by vote at the AGM. 
    2. Clubs agree to pay any affiliation fee set by the association.
    3. The Committee may refuse any application that it feels may be prejudicial to the objectives or rules of the association, although any such refusal may be appealed to the committee before a final decision is made.
  4. That the objective of the association is the organisation and facilitation of a cross-country league for the West District of Scotland
    1. The object of the League is to encourage competitive running by means of League Championships. 
    2. The members of the association shall compete, over the course of the season, to the league rules and awards, that are agreed prior the commencement of the season
    3. Participation is open to all athletes who are 1st claim membership of association member clubs.
    4. Races may, at the discretion of the organising club or association, be termed ‘open’ to allow members of unaffiliated clubs (or none) to take part.
    5. But that such ‘open’ participants would not be eligible (individually or club) for league or county awards, but may be recognised for individual race performance, at the discretion and determination of the race organiser.
  5. That the association recognises the historical counties of the West district. If member clubs from each respective county agree:
    1. That medals/awards may be awarded in the name of the historical county.
    2. It invites club representatives for these counties to agree convenor(s)
    3. That these convenor(s) agree nominated races (whether association organised, or not) as eligible for county medals/awards with host clubs.
    4. That the specific medals/awards are at the discretion of the convenor(s).
  6. That the association operates on an equal basis, by gender. 
    1. All recognised races must be equal distance by gender, and use an equal number of team counters.
  7. That the association aligns, where practical, to meetings of the West District RR&CC, of which the first of the year shall be the AGM
  8. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held once every calendar year, and appoint a President, Vice-President and Secretary who will also act as Treasurer, and be collectively referred to as the Committee. 
    1. Additional officers may be approved at the AGM, or appointed by the committee, but the number of the committee should not exceed 5. 
    2. A quorum for decision making at AGMs should be representatives from 25% of member cubs, or 5 clubs, whichever is smaller.
    3. Each club is allowed a single voting representative at the AGM
    4. In all matters, except Alterations to the Constitution, in the event of a tied vote the President shall have a casting vote
    5. Alterations to the Constitution can only be made by members through a motion passed at an AGM or EGM.
    6. Any such motion must be proposed by one club and seconded by another club and be given to the Secretary at least two weeks before the AGM or EGM. For approval the motion requires support from at least two thirds of the eligible votes cast.
    7. The AGM business should include approval of minutes, accounts, and reports from the committee, agreement and approval of any fees due for membership, agreement on league rules for the forthcoming season, and motions and other transactions as from time to time may be necessary.
  9. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the majority agreement of the committee, or when 33% or 5 member clubs (whichever is the lesser) co-sign a letter to other member clubs calling for one.
    1. Requires at least 21 days notice, which the committee must distribute to all member clubs.
    2. May address any business as necessitated, including alterations to the constitution, as per AGM.
  10. That the funds held by the association are for the express purposes of the operation of the associations and its events, and the furtherance of athletics within the West of Scotland
    1. That all monies shall be lodged in a bank account in the name of the association.
    2. That two members of the Committee shall be authorised signatories and approvers.
    3. Reasonable expenses may be claimed by the committee, member clubs, or appointed individuals acting to deliver the association events or duties, on provision of evidenced receipt.
    4. Excessive funds as agreed at AGM or EGM, should be dispersed to member clubs (with respect of their time as a member), via grants to athletes of member clubs, or to organisations and charities in support of this associations aims and objects. This should not exceed 50% of available funds.
  11. That membership of the association, and participation in its events, is subject to the adherence by member clubs and their members to the Scottish Athletics codes of conduct (or any that may be adopted by the Committee or AGM/EGM), and adherence to the objectives of the association, and to payment of any fees .
    1. Member clubs in breach of the association’s rules or constitution, or failing to pay agreed affiliation or membership fees, may have their membership rescinded by majority vote of the Committee.
    2. Any decision to rescind membership may be appealed if submitted in writing within 21 days of notification of such, to the association secretary.
    3. The outcome of any appeal shall be final.
  12. Any resolution to dissolve the association may be passed at an AGM or EGM, provided:
    1. The terms of the proposed resolution are received forty two days before the meeting at which the resolution is to be brought forward
    2. At least twenty eight days of the proposed resolution shall be given in writing to all members
    3. That such a resolution shall receive the assent of two thirds of those present.
    4. On any winding up or dissolution, any funds remaining after satisfying debts and liabilities, shall be given or transferred to some other organisation or organisations that, by aims and activities, is similar to the association, or failing that, to some charitable cause.


Broadly, took the East District, and added elements from other leagues or associations, as well as templates from Scottish Athletics, to ensure it reflects modern constitutional practices.

  • Sections 1-4 are taken from the East District
    • Adds optional item about ‘open’ events; for discussion
    • Calls out to a formalised set of awards/trophies that are defined
    • Requires clubs to be affiliated to Scottish Athletics
  • Section 5 seeks to allow groups of clubs to award medals in the name of a county, if they so wish.
  • Section 6 requires league events to be equal by gender
  • Section 7 aims to align meetings with existing meetings. 
    • We don’t want more meetings
    • May prefer concluding meet of league calendar?
  • Section 8 sets an AGM setup, post-holders and voting rules
  • Section 9 defines rules for an EGM
    • So things can be steered by member clubs if problems arise
    • Ensures the league rules are set in advance
  • Section 10 – just sets limits on what the league does with funds
  • Section 11 – Disciplinary process
    • Require adherence to reasonable code of conduct, payment of fees etc.
    • Enable a mechanism to enable clubs (and therefore their membership) in breach of such to be precluded from participation, but with a right of appeal.
  • Section 12 – Dissolution rules
    • So that the association may wind down in a formal way if required.

Draft League awards

Proposal, based on East District. This proposes to separate the rules of the league from the constitution, allowing for more flexibility. Italicised items for discussion.

The league: That 1st claim members of affiliated member clubs will compete for the following list of awards, awarded to the lowest total aggregate positions, for the full list of fixtures.

There shall be three fixtures over the course of the season.

Propose the following awards over course of the league championship:

  • Under 11
  • Under 13
  • Under 15
  • Under 17
  • Senior
  • Combined Male
  • Combined Female
  • Masters (Age definition?)

Team sizes/counters:

  • Should be equal by age group and gender
  • Are for the following first counters from each event
    • 3 for junior age categories
    • 6 for all others
  • Teams must compete in all league events to qualify for an award
  • For combined awards:
    • How many counters from each age group?