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Event #2 details

We’re delighted to to confirm details for the second event in the 2022/23 West District Cross Country League, taking place in Kilmarnock on Saturday 21st January, kindly hosted by Kilmarnock Harriers

Full details can be found on the dedicated event page at – Note:

  • events start with the U11 events at midday
  • concluding with the seniors race at around 2pm.
  • See notes, marked in red.

Team numbers

Reminder that all competitors numbers must also bear a gender suffix. Find the list and details at

Details of providers who can print numbers to the required format can be found on the page: Ordering Team Numbers

Teams need to remember to submit their club finishing order after the events have concluded. Details on the Results pages

Combined races

The organising group agreed to stage the majority of races as combined races. Feedback from club members and coaches to working group members was very positive about this, and helps distinguish the league format.

We’ll keep it under review as the league progresses.

A note on costs

A reminder too that the league’s first year host clubs are bearing costs, for which we are very grateful.

After the league is completed, we’ll review with all participating clubs and propose a participation fee, payable in arrears. The rough plan (to be confirmed) is detailed on our Club Information page. We’d encourage participants to share this with their club committee.

Can you help?

We’re keen to hear from volunteers who are up for one, some or all of:

  • Volunteering on the day to help with event organisation, marshalling
  • Helping with league administration

Please get in touch, details here.

Feedback welcomed

We’re grateful for comments and feedback we’ve received so far. We’re doing our best to answer queries, and update the website as we go. If you spot anything that’s not clear, or wrong, drop us a line.

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  1. Clem Clement Clem Clement

    Thank you for the information on Event no.2 this season.

    I wondered about an alternative, perhaps more positive, scoring system that recognises club’s efforts to field teams rather than a penalty for not filling places. The system is that you reverse the finishing position to score points for the people you beat. So if there are 150 runners, the person who comes first scores 150 pts, 2nd 149, so that the person with the most points the better. The you can add the team points and if a team fields more than 5 runners, then the 6th scorer goes to a B team and possibly a B league.

    The Gwent League in South Wales runs on this system. Check it out on their website

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